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“House of Good Tones” Included in the Creative Europe Project


Children and young people from the area of ​​Srebrenica and Bratunac, who attend music, choir, and other workshops in Srebrenica’s “House of Good Tones”, will participate in a two-year Creative Europe project called “Songs for Europe”.

This project officially began with the publication of the composition “We want to sing together” whose author of the lyrics and music is the director of the “Vienna Boys” choir, Professor Gerald Virt.

The composition was performed in partnership by choirs from Austria, Greece, Slovakia and the “House of Good Tones” choir from Srebrenica.

This is an exceptional part and opportunity for children to learn and develop the following modern programs and methodology of studying music, according to the Srebrenica Music School.

In this school, they believe that thanks to quality work and affirmation, young musicians from Srebrenica and Bratunac will equally participate in the creation of music with partners from the European Union.

“All project participants will use the advantages of the SMART teaching methodology in music teaching,” said the general manager of the “House of Good Tones”, Ismar Porić.

He says that this methodology was designed by Professor Virt and that it includes software that measures the attention, engagement, and voice capacities of program participants.

Using this methodology, teachers can quickly improve their teaching skills.

Porić points out that social inclusion is in the foreground for all partners in the project, and that he will use music as a platform for the promotion of cultural and artistic values, whose promoters will be children and young people.

The goal of the project is to promote universal human values ​​through music.




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