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House of Nobel winner Ivo Andric attracts Thousands of Tourists every Year


Thousands of tourists visit Travnik every year to see the birthplace of the literary Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric, to visit his native house converted into a memorial museum and to find features and symbols that this great writer mentioned in his works, such as “Bosnian Chronicle (Travnicka hronika)” and “The story of a vizier’s elephant (Prica o vezirovom slonu)”.

Srodna slika

The permanent exhibition in the Regional Museum “Native House of Ivo Andric” represents the life and literature of the Nobel Prize winner, and it consists of a native room, a room dedicated to the novel “Bosnian Chronicle”, photo database with photos from the Nobel Prize award ceremony and a library with an art collection.

The curator of the museum Enes Skrgo noted that the last year’s tourist season was very good for that museum and that the most numerous guests were fans of Andric’s works from Slovenia.

Skrgo also noted that the Regional Museum Travnik and the House of Ivo Andric as its dependant are participating in different literary and cultural programs every year, with which they want to remind the public on the most important dates and events from the life of Ivo Andric and his literacy career, as well as his evident affiliation to his homeland.

Therefore, this year will be dedicated to the collection of poetry “Ex Pontu”, which is the first Andric’s book that was published 100 years ago.

Marking of this important anniversary started with video animation dedicated to a book written in the village of Ovcarevo near Travnik, while numerous other events are expected during the year, including the “Ex Ponta” exhibition.


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