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How a Woman from Popovo Polje Became an Indian Chief


Manda Ciroki, born Peric, emigrated from Popovo Polje from her native Herzegovina to the United States, at the time of the American prohibition in the 1920s.

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There she launched the first private bottling business of illegal homemade alcohol and transfered smuggled tobacco from Herzegovina to the United States through Dubrovnik trade lines, stated the portal Saransak.

She married the chief of the Wanachaka tribe in America and because of her wisdom, she became the chief of the Northern tribes East of Ontario.

She was not greedy, so she donated a lot of her savings to the immigrants from Herzegovina to North America, who were further expanding their businesses. Half of the profit was sent to their birthplace for the people to survive.

The natives were fascinated with her knowledge of medicinal herbs, so she was also a medicine woman called Manda Medicine Woman the Good Spirit With a Pipe.


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