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How many Salaries were required to buy a new Car in Yugoslavia?


There is a chart circulating on Reddit these days that shows how many average salaries it would take to buy a particular car.

It is clear from the comments that the chart was created sometime after 1987, that is, at a time when Yugoslavia was suffering from high inflation.

It should also be noted that at that time there were high customs duties for importing cars, which is why foreign models were significantly more expensive than domestic ones.

From the graph, we see that the cheapest was Zastava 126 PGL, which cost 19 average salaries. The second most affordable model was the Yugo 45 Koral, which cost about 30 average salaries. Of the foreign models, the Skoda 120L was the least expensive in Yugoslavia.

The most expensive were the BMW 750 iL, worth 912 salaries, and the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC, whose price was equal to the amount of 1231 salaries.

As it can be seen, the offer of cars was significantly poorer than today, and due to the lack of import liberalization, most people drove Zastava models, which were more or less affordable for the majority of the population, N1 reports.


Source: sarajevotimes.com


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