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How Petar Corluka became the first Billionaire in Herzegovina


The owner of Violeta, Petar Corluka, is currently the richest person in Herzegovina, and the third richest in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Corluka entered a business that only a few powerful global corporations deal with, so in a short period of time he created a recognizable brand from Slovenia to Macedonia, and on one occasion he explained how it all started.

”We didn’t copy anyone, we try to be different. Large systems are slow, our advantage is speed and flexibility. The first and basic rule is a high technology and the best quality. We invest in production and continuously search for innovations: we want new, better, and improved quality. This is the key to our success,” the Herzegovinian entrepreneur explained the reasons for the strong growth.

He proudly points out that he never bought anything in privatization, everything he created is the fruit of work, vision, and business moves. He comes from a poor family, and he tested his entrepreneurial inclinations in 1990 when private business was completely legalized in the former Yugoslavia.

He did not enter the ”hygiene” business by chance. He explains that it is a high-turnover product that does not stay in stock for long because it is in demand even in a crisis.

The company ”Violeta” was founded in 2001, and the brand ”Violeta” was launched a year later. It started with the production of toilet paper, paper tissues, wet wipes, diapers, and finally detergents and fabric softeners.

A significant step forward was made in 2011 when the production of toilet paper and kitchen towels was launched in Sveta Helena near Zagreb, with an investment of 12 million euros. ”Violeta” towels won customers over with incredible speed.

Also, in recent years, he has been investing intensively in the hospitality industry, especially on the Croatian coast.

Petar Corluka has a simple recipe for success – you need to do what you love and do it better than the competition. For successful company management, he says, the most important thing is to build a system. He does not practice the so-called autocratic, but democratic management style.

”I position myself as if I am not the owner or even the president of the Management Board, but only a part of the management,”he stated, Biznis Info reports.


Photo: Violeta

Source: sarajevotimes.com


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