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Humanitarian Action for Children from Children’s Clinic


A charity action was launched in Banja Luka for children from the Children’s Clinic of the UKC Srpska.

While at the UKC Children’s Clinic in Banja Luka, one mother saw a lack of educational and creative materials for children in hospital treatment, and a group of valuable people supported the idea through realization.

The goal of this action is to collect enough toys, books and other educational and creative expression materials to make our brave comrades happy and make their hospital stay more enjoyable and less stressful. Toys and all of the above would greatly enhance their hospital stay, enable them to study and make them happy. The mood they evoke would also have a positive effect on their health. Our few would bring so much to them.

To do this, we need your help in the form of donations that can be used (in good condition and clean) or new toys, books and the like, or by purchasing from the Culture Bookstores, which give you a 20 percent discount for this purpose.

Useful are toys that the child can only have fun with, which offers more than one play option, and which hold the child’s attention for an extended period of time. Children are most interested in toys that encourage interaction, with the toy itself or another person.

To help you get out of toys, here are some suggestions:

– Cubes (wooden and plastic) and lego blocks
– Educational and interactive toys: puzzles and puzzles, inserts, memory cards, dice, rubbish cubes, toys with letters and numbers
– Books: picture books, interactive picture books, folding picture books
– Colors, dyeing accessories, modeling masses, drawing boards (magnetic, write-delete)
– Social gaming toys: Don’t get mad, Monopoly, dominoes, cards and the like
– Dolls & Babies, Doll & Baby Clothing
– Trolleys, cars, tractors, excavators, boats

The action runs through December 29, 2019.


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