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Humanitarian action “The Republic of Srpska For Greece”

The Greek people helped the people of Srpska when it was most needed, and now we have to repay. With this idea, several actions have been started to collect help to the people of Greece after the catastrophic fires in this country.
Association of children of fallen soldiers “Nasljeđe” from Trebinje and Serbian assembly “Baštionik” from Banja Luka are organizing a campaign of collecting aid for the Greek people who suffered great damage in the fire that hit the area around Athens.
From the Association “Heritage” it was announced that through the account of the Athens Archbishopric of the Greek Orthodox Church the aid will be used for food, treatment, restoration and construction of houses and other needs of the people suffering from a great fire.
Twenty years ago countless convoys of aid arrived from Greece to Srpska, for hundreds of war orphans, children of fallen soldiers.
“Now we have that obligation to help. They accepted us then, many became coups and durable friends,” said Dobroslav Slijepcevic from the Association “Heritage”.
Donations for the people of Greece is also organized in the dioceses of the Serbian Orthodox Church.
The Red Cross of Republika Srpska started also an action to raise funds for the vulnerable population of Greece.

The Red Cross recalls the help that Greek people sent to flooded population of Republika Srpska in the floods that affected them in 2014.

A procedure was also launched with the operator’s “M: tel”  to obtain a humanitarian number.

Payments for assistance to the Greek population can be made to the number of the Republic of Srpska Red Cross giro account at Sberbank 567 491 2700000752 with the title “Assistance to the vulnerable population of Greece”.




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