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‘Hydropower Plants on the Drina’ in Višegrad – one of the most important energy capacities of the Republika Srpska


Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Radovan Višković visited the company “Hydro Power Plants on the Drina” in Višegrad municipality and emphasized on this occasion that this company was one of the most important energy capacities of the Republic of Srpska.

Prime Minister Viškovic emphasized that “Hydro Power Plants on the Drina” has operated positively for many years and contributed to the development of Republic of Srpska.

“I am glad to see that that despite the weather conditions, they are close to execute their business  plan and with favorable precipitation by the end of the year would  even exceed this year’s  plan”, Prime Minister Višković said.

The Prime Minister said that construction of access roads to the “Hydro power plant on the Drina” in the length of five kilometers for which BAM 900,000 was allocated, enabled the smooth operation of this company.

Prime Minister Višković recalled that during the floods the roads leading to the company were not operational which had been changed now and that the employees  have access to the company even in case of natural disasters while the investment was also important for the citizens living in this area.

Nedeljko Perišić, Director of the ‘Hydroelectric Power Plants on the Drina’ company said he was satisfied with the road works and that reconstruction roads would resume next year and added that an alternative section was also made because due to flooding back in 2010 the road had been blocked.

Perisic said that the overhaul of the company’s generator had been performed and that a contractor had been selected to introduce a new control system – SKADA, which would enable the company to maintain its operational capacity and stability.


Source: vladars.net


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