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“I love Srpska” campaign presented


In the video that will be shown as part of the “I love Srpska” campaign, the best Srpka judoka Nemanja Majdov stresses that he loves Srpska as it loves and respects its athletes.

“Republika Srpska is my fatherland, we grew up together and it was there where I became a world champion,” Majdov said in the video showed yesterday at the promotion of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports’ campaign at the Administrative Centre of the Republika Srpska Government.

Athlete Aleksandra Vidović says in the video that she loves Republika Srpska because love is something that cannot be bought.

“Is there anything holier and more beautiful than to truly love your fatherland!? I will try to contribute to better development of young people in Republika Srpska with my knowledge and experience,” Vidović added.

Award-winning volunteer Ena Hadžić says she loves Srpska because it provided her with the opportunity to build herself and learn what real human values are through working with outstanding young people in the youth sector and volunteering.

Award-winning volunteer Žarko Jović says he loves Srpska because it is an inseparable part of him, his happy past, present, and, he is sure, his even happier future.

“I love it as it taught me values that, I’m sure, I wouldn’t have learned anywhere in the world,” Jović added.

A cultural and art programme was also performed at the presentation.

Campaign video clips were broadcasted featuring the best Srpska judoka Nemanja Majdov and athlete Aleksandra Vidović, award-winning volunteers Ena Hadžić and Žarko Jović talking about why they love Srpska and what they will do to make things get better for the young people.

The presentation was also attended by the Republika Srpska ministers for European integration and regional cooperation Zlatan Klokić, administration and local self-government Lejla Rešić, scientific and technological development, higher education and information society Srđan Rajčević, transport and communications Neđo Trninić and chairman of the Council of Peoples of Republika Srpska and the former Minister of Family, Youth and Sports, Nada Tešanović.

The goal of the “I love Srpska” campaign is to promote successful, young people, athletes and volunteers who have achieved success in Republika Srpska and see their future in it, said Minister of Family, Youth and Sports, Sonja Davidović.

“These are the best of us, and today we want to give them credit for that,” Davidović told the press before presenting the “I love Srpska” campaign.

She stated that during the campaign, the videos will show that Srpska has talented young people who achieve outstanding results in science, sports, art, culture and humanitarian work, while some are active in multiple fields.


Source: srna


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