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“If we said we’d form union with RS – what would you say?”


Edi Rama’s statement about a union between Albania and Kosovo again confirms that creation of a Greater Albania is a common platform of all ethnic Albanians.
Serbian First Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said this late on Tuesday in reaction to the Albanian prime minister’s interview given to the website Politico, during which he “could not rule out a union between Kosovo and Albania” if prospects of EU membership fade.

Dacic also said that this “common platform” represents the biggest threat to peace and stability in the Balkans and Europe.

“I ask the international community – what would happen if (Serbian PM Aleksandar) Vucic said that unification of Serbia and the Serb Republic (RS) was possible if we don’t join the EU? I’m sure everyone would react and accuse Serbia of being a threat to peace,” Dacic said.

“That’s why I’m asking the EU, the US, Great Britain and others, how long do you plan to keep silent while Serbia is being threatened by someone? Or is silence a sign of approval?,” Dacic asked.

Source: B92


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