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Igor Gordić: We owe the achieved results to well-done promotions


Igor Gordić, the representative of the Jahorina Olympic Center, at the panel organized as part of the “Summer 2023” conference said that the Center is satisfied with the results given the circumstances: “Considering the challenge that our season started a little later, we are delighted with the results. 75 percent of the generated income compared to last year is fantastic. About 280 thousand skiers and 2 and a half million passes.”

When it comes to the recipe for good results, he says that they result from well-done promotions.

“We owe the achieved results to well-done promotions. It is important to point out that we attracted new clients from Romania, Hungary, and Great Britain. A charter flight was also established between London and Sarajevo. These are all things that marked the last season,” he said.

Although mainly winter-oriented, preparations for the summer season are ongoing in the Center.

“June 29 is the official start of summer on Jahorina. We are always preparing something new in terms of content, and ours are already well-known adrenaline content. We are preparing a beach at 1879 meters above sea level, zorbing, kayaking, and a tourist cart that will be new for this summer season”, he added.

He pointed out one event as the biggest attraction for the upcoming summer season: “But what gives the biggest stamp to our summer is the biggest international trial race “Jahorina ultra trial”, the ninth edition in a row, on July 22.”


Source: diplomacyandcommerce.rs


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