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Imljani folk costume – one of the most beautiful in Republika Srpska


Kneževo is a town and municipality located in northwestern Republika Srpska. Kneževo is located between the rivers Ugar, Vrbas and Vrbanja and surrounded by the mountain chains of Čemernica, Ranča in the west, Vlašić in the south and Ježica in the north-east. The municipality has an official altitude of 864 metres (2,835 ft), but really ranges from 600 to 1,493 metres (1,969 to 4,898 ft). Kneževo is 50 kilometres (31 mi) southeast of Banja Luka by the M56 motorway.

The municipality houses several cultural monuments, such as the Old Church of St. Nicholas from 1757, the 18th-century Church of Prophet Elijah.

In Imljani there is a monument dedicated to 43 fallen soldiers of the Army of Republika Srpska who fell at the Vlašić battlefield on 20 March 1995.

The Kneževo area was inhabited in the Stone Age, and later the Illyrian and Celtic tribes arrived here, followed by the Romans.

The remains of their basilicas, churches from the early Middle Ages when they converted to Christianity, are located in the villages of Javorani and Imljani, indicating that the inhabitants were once abundant here and could boast an enviable culture level.

Imljani, a small place in the Kneževo municipality, has managed to preserve a large number of local population. Imljani folk costume belongs to the Dinaric folk costumes and is one of the most beautiful of these areas.



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