Home News Immortal Regiment marching in Banjaluka (PHOTO)

Immortal Regiment marching in Banjaluka (PHOTO)


Marking the Day of Victory over Fascism began in Banjaluka on Wednesday when the Immortal Regiment formed a column in the Petar Kocic Park and marched towards the Fallen Veterans Square.

President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik, Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Nedeljko Cubrilovic and Nenad Stevandic, Minister of Labour and Veteran Affairs Milenko Savanovic and Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Petar Djokic are in the procession. 

Among the participants of the Immortal Regiment procession is also the Russian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Petr Ivantsov. 

The participants are carrying the photographs of their ancestors, fighters of the Second World War, flags of the war-time units and posters with messages remembering the soldiers and civilians of the People’s Liberation War who gave their lives in the struggle against fascism. 

A cultural programme and speeches of officials, as well as laying of wreaths will be held in the Fallen Veterans Square. 

The “Immortal Regiment” is an international social phenomenon which began in 2011 in Russian cities during the celebration of Victory Day, May 9. 

Banjaluka is one of 64 cities marking the event this way. 

The Victory Day celebration is organised by the Srpska Government committee in charge of nurturing the tradition of liberation wars, with the assistance of the Banjaluka Federal Association of WWII Veterans /SUBNOR/. 

The Day of Victory over Fascism will be marked in Srpska with a series of events celebrating the victory over fascism and honouring the victims of the Second World War in which the Serbs fought alongside antifascists and gave many lives for the cause. 





Source: srna


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