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Import of over One Tonne of Meat from North Macedonia and Croatia forbidden


The Food Inspectorate of Republika Srpska (RS), in the past month, has banned the import of three consignments of meat products in quantities of more than one tonne, as they were found not to meet the prescribed quality conditions.

The products banned are “smoked chicken deluxe fillet” made by “Mis Globus” Skopje, whose analyzes determined a lower content of total protein than prescribed, as well as two consignments of “Winter salami” made by “Pik” Vrbovec.

These shipments, with their quality, did not meet the prescribed conditions for market traffic, and the competent inspection, in order to protect the rights of consumers and the domestic market, prohibited the import of disputed products.

Considering that in the previous period, or during August, it was forbidden to import another shipment of “smoked chicken delux fillet” from “Mis Globus” Skopje in the amount of 884 kilograms, also due to the reduced content of total proteins, which makes four shipments in total.


Source: sarajevotimes


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