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In 2019, 400,268 Tourists Visited Srpska


Last year, the Republic of Srpska was visited by 400,268 tourists who accomplished 972,855 overnight stays and in comparison with the previous year, the number of arrivals increased by 4.8 percent and the overnight stays by 5 percent, according to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Srpska.

The domestic guests, of which 181,401, made 466,815 overnight stays, while 218,867 foreign tourists accomplished 506,040.

The number of nights spent by domestic guests in the last year, compared to 2018, increased by 2.3 percent, while the number of overnight stays by foreign tourists increased by 7.5 percent.

According to tourist destinations, last year domestic guests made the most nights, ie 204,488, in spas, and foreign tourists the highest, 244,606, in so-called other tourist places.

Economist DuŠko GrakoviĆ said that there is a continuing trend of growth of tourist economy indicators, with the continued tendency of arrivals and overnight stays of foreigners relative to domestic guests.

– This is one of the tendencies in the tourist economy of this time, as it primarily enables increased foreign exchange inflow. Such a trend, especially in the continental countries, requires further upgrades and additions to the tourist capacities and supply because tourism is becoming an area that also entails the development of other areas of economy and activity – explained Graković.

GrakoviĆ, noting that last year compared to 2018, the number of overnight stays in the so-called. to other tourist places, he emphasized that this means that in Srpska tourism is a serious development factor and that it is specifically working to expand its offer horizontally and vertically.




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