Home Economy In B&H higher exports and lower imports

In B&H higher exports and lower imports


Bosnia and Herzegovina in January of this year exported goods in the value of 649 million KM, which is 6.3 % more than in the same month last year, while imports accounted for 1.3 billion KM, which is 2.6% less than in January of 2013.

According to the Agency of Statistics, in January the export-import ratio was 64.7%, while the foreign trade deficit amounted to 354 million KM.

Exports to CEFTA countries amounted to 94 million KM, which as an increase of 42.9% in comparison to the same period last year, while imports amounted to 102 million or 13.5% more than January 2013.

Exports to the EU in January totaled 490 million KM, which is a 4.2% increase, while imports reached 608 million KM, a 0.6% decrease then January last year.


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