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In January, the ERS generated 21 Million BAM from Electricity Export


“Elektroprivreda of Republika Srpska” (ERS) this year recorded excellent production of electricity in January based on exports, and it had realized a revenue of about 21.000.000 BAM, which is five times more than in the same period last year, as it was confirmed to agency Srna in the information service of this enterprise.

In the last year, the ERS in January earned only four million, or 500% less, on the basis of electricity exports.

The successful start of this year is proven by the fact that this company produced 543 gigawatt hours of electricity in the first month, which is 4.5 percent more than it was planned.

“The electricity situation is still very favorable. Given the hydrological situation and the conditions in the hydroelectric accumulation of Bileca, in February we expect about 40% more production of hydroelectric power plants on Trebisnjica (HET), and Hidroelektrana (HE) Visegrad will have higher production than planned, “ they point out from ERS.

From this company, they emphasize that this situation enabled them to place electricity surplus in the amount of 6.7 million BAM already in the first week of February, stressing that the sale in the free market continues at the daily and weekly level, from which significant revenues are expected to be generated.

The ERS reminds that only in the first week of February they exported the same amount of electricity as in the entire month of last year.

“The good operation of our production companies, as well as good weather conditions, enabled us to completely overcome the consequences of 2017, which will be remembered for the drought. In the first half of this year, we expect a significant improvement of the financial situation and remediation of the losses caused by catastrophic hydrology, “ they add from the ERS.

From this company, they note that preparations for the establishment of an interregional electricity exchange market in the region of central and southeastern Europe are in progress.

“Since the integration of the regional stock exchange SEEPEX in Belgrade is done, where the ERS is a member, with the exchanges that have significant turnover in the European Union, we will be able to directly place energy into the wider market through these exchanges, which in any case can only have positive effects, “ they say from ERS.




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