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In Joint Institutions All According to Srpska Parliament’s Conclusions


 Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija says Serb representatives in the joint institutions of BiH will be doing everything as defined in the conclusions by the Republika Srpska National Assembly adopted at a special session on anti-Dayton activity of the BiH Constitutional Court held on February 17.

“We will be doing exactly as defined by the Republic of Srpska National Assembly, and after this conversation, I believe, the coordination with the people representing the Republic of Srpska in the joint institutions will be better,” Tegeltija told the press today after the meeting of Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik with the representatives of Serbs in the joint institutions and Republic of Srpska-based parliamentary parties in East Sarajevo.

He added that such meetings would continue and that it was agreed that a coordination body would be formed to coordinate representatives from the Republic of Srpska, ministries and agencies, who indicated at the meeting that such coordination was lacking.

“As for the Council of Ministers and myself as the chairman, I will be acting according to the agreement reached the session of the Srpska National Assembly,” Tegeltija pointed out.

Asked by journalists how this would affect the work of the Council of Ministers, economy-related projects, as well as the citizens themselves, Tegeltija said that citizens would in no way be endangered.

“As far as the Council of Ministers is concerned, all decisions that were supposed to be made regarding the economy and projects have been made. If a need arises in the future, we will review one at the time,” Tegeltiaja said.

He noted that the Council of Ministers has a coordinating role in the economy.

“The Council of Ministers has a small number of powers in the economy domain. We will continue to cooperate with entity prime ministers and the business community trying to create solutions, but the largest number of solutions when it comes to the economy lies with the entities that have the capacity to make decisions,” Tegeltija explained.

Asked if the talks on adopting the BiH institutions’ budget for this year had commenced, as the interim financing decision expires next month, Tegeltija said the budget was being discussed and the Ministry of Finance and Treasury should “come out” with the first version of the budget by the end of February.

“Of course, the decision on budget and all other decisions will depend on how we move through this crisis situation we are in now,” the chairman of the Council of Ministers concluded.




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