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In Republic of Srpska, 14 new patients, 500 in total


In the Republic of Srpska, 14 new cases of coronavirus have been registered, bringing the number of infected to 500, said Minister of Health and Social Welfare Alen Šeranić.

In the last 24 hours, a total of 429 tests have been conducted in the Republic of Srpska.

It involves six men and eight women, and four are hospitalized.

“Three men are older, three men are middle-aged, five women are older, two are middle-aged and one is younger,” Šeranić explained.

Of the 14 newly infected, four are from Banja Luka, three are from Čelinac, two persons each from Kotor Varoš and Osmaci, and one person each from Laktaši, Pale and Teslić.

As explained by Šeranić, these are close family contacts and close contacts with the infected.

He added that 66 health workers and 32 people from nursing homes and 24 police members were tested.

He pointed out that about 7,000 tests have been done in Srpska so far, and that up to now there are 500 people in the RS.

Currently, there are 37 people with severe clinical imaging in the UKC RS, with seven people in isolation and five on the respirator.




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