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In Srpska, five new cases, a total of 458 ; 196 people recovered


In the Republic of Srpska, five more cases of coronavirus have been registered, bringing the number of infected to 458, said Minister of Health and Social Welfare Alen Šeranić.

Šeranić said that 362 samples had been tested in the past 24 hours and that the presence of the virus was confirmed in five people.

There are five men involved.

– These are men who were in close contact with a person who was positive for the coronavirus – Šeranić said at a news conference in Banja Luka.

Šeranić said that there are 37 patients with a more severe clinical picture at the University Clinical Center of the Republic of Srpska in Banja Luka, five of whom are on a respirator and two on non-invasive oxygen support, 11 are in isolation, while 59 pulmonary patients are in the old Pulmonology site and intermediate clinical form.

According to him, four patients were hospitalized in hospitals in Doboj, Trebinje and East Sarajevo, and two in Bijeljina.

– When it comes to centers where persons who are positive for the coronavirus but have no symptoms, 101 students are housed in the Student Center “Nikola Tesla” in Banja Luka, three in the Student House in Bijeljina, five in Trebinje, and in the student centers in Lukavica and two-person Pale. We have also activated these regional accommodation facilities so that people are closer to the communities in which they live – said Šeranić.

Referring to 196 people who recovered from coronavirus disease, Šeranić pointed out that they had had two consecutive negative tests within 24 hours.

– Their health status is still under control and in accordance with the recommendations we monitor these persons for another 14 days within home isolation. Only after one month, unless symptoms similar to the coronavirus appear, can we heal, – explained Šeranić.

There are 5,326 people under medical supervision, while 18,118 have come out of health care.

Šeranić said that 55 percent of the total number of people infected with the Crown virus in Srpska were men and 45 percent were women.

– In terms of age structure, 67 percent are infected in the 30-64 age group, 16 percent are aged 15-29, and 15 percent are older than 65 years. These are good indicators if we take into account the fact that the elderly are the most vulnerable, and we have fewer of them than other groups – said Šeranić.

He stated that in the last 24 hours, there were 46 persons in quarantines at the border crossings, most of them in Brod 16 and Šamac 13, while their number at other border crossings ranges between four and six.




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