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In ten years more than 7000 new residents – do you know where?


East Sarajevo is one of those bright examples in Republic of Srpska – in last 10 years, they doubled up number of population. Currently, there is around 15.000 people living in this local municipality and it is one the rare in Srpska where natural growth of population was increased in last few years.

The influx of the population is followed up by infrastructural development. Beside nursiers, the local authorities are investing in medical care and health institutions, sport halls and buildings. In last three years, more than 1.250 apartments in East Sarajevo was builded.

2016  income were increased for more than 40 milions comparing it with 2015 and the number of new stores is higher than the one that are closed. Mayor Ljubiša Ćosić is proudly presenting towns positive birthrate but also saying how East Sarajevo was recognized as a great place for investments so companies from all over the Srpska are chosing this town for their business adress.


One of them is Dragan Ostojić, the last year winner of towns special charter for his contribution to local economy. Ostojić is satisfied with partner relationship that he have with local authorities and accent the importance of investment to Srpska.


Among many happy residents in East Sarajevo is also Stojanka Đukić. She and her colleagues knead more than 60 kilogramsod flour for pie crust every day. She won’t tell you the secret combination for a good dough but she will tell you that for happy life is important that you are satisfied with your daily job because if colleagues are good and paycheck is regular, everything else can be managed.


source: Frontal


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