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In the Next Year Million KM of Support for New Jobs


The City of Banja Luka will allocate KM 950,000 to help local businesses in the procurement of machinery and increase production in the coming year, part of which will be directed towards self-employment of citizens, the City Administration said.

The head of the Department of Economy, Radenko Komljenović, states that the next year’s budget also envisages 140,000 KM for equipping the cabinet for practical teaching of secondary vocational schools, so that students, after schooling, are as ready as possible for the labor market.

Komljenović said that this year, the city helped 40 entrepreneurs to acquire fixed assets.

“The city co-finances 30 percent of the value of fixed assets or a maximum of KM 20,000 per company. The procurement is realized by the company first acquiring the fixed asset, and then the city pays a part for co-financing,” explains Komljenović.

He points out that at the same time, 65 unemployed Banja Luka residents received financial support from KM 3,000 to 7,000 to start their own businesses.

Komljenović says that seven Banja Luka schools have received funding to equip the cabinet for practical teaching as part of a unique program, introduced last year at the initiative of the business community.




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