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In the Serb village of Donji Tiškovac, migrants break into houses


The mayor of Bosansko Grahovo, Milorad Gligić, told Srna that the situation in the Serb returnee village of Donji Tiškovac is alarming because of migrants, who have broken into a dozen houses so far, and the police claim that there are not enough people to protect the returnees’ property.

He says that migrants in transit pass through this village, which is located on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, every day, and that a dozen houses have been broken into so far.

– We informed the police that it is necessary to protect the property of our returnees and take care of their safety and life in the first place – stated Gligić and added that the police told them that they did not have enough people available to resolve the request.

Mirko Bucalo, who is a native of Donji Tiškovci, told Srna that in this village, migrants are making “the hell out of life” for the local population.

– They break into, break into, burn down houses and attack people. My house was also targeted, which they broke into and stayed in – says Bucalo, who came to this village from Serbia during the summer.

He stated that migrants mostly move in groups of 20 to 30 people.

– The local government says that it is powerless, but they can do one thing, and that is to protect the local population. Migrants pass through a road that is illegal to cross because they enter directly from one country to another, which is punishable – explains Bucalo.

Apart from the problems with migrants, the small number of Serbian returnees to the village of Donji Tiškovac is also struggling with the road, which is in poor condition, and they have neither electricity nor a mobile network.

Although few in number, returnees to the Serbian village of Donji Tiškovac proudly talk about how basketball player Marko Jarić, tennis player Ana Ivanović and football player Zdravko Borovnica come from their village.

Donji Tiškovac is 17 kilometers away from Bosanski Grahovo. Nine-year-old Dragan Vladušić is the only child living in this village.




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