Home Business In three months 207 new companies registered in Srpska

In three months 207 new companies registered in Srpska

One stop

Since the introduction of the one-stop business registration system, 207 economic entities have been registered in Republika Srpska, said the Director of the Agency for Intermediary, IT and Financial Services, Jelena Cetkovic.

In Banjaluka 96 companies were registered since November last year, Bijeljina 45, Doboj 29, East Sarajevo 26 and Trebinje 12.

Thanks to the one-stop registration system, citizens can start a business in 11 agency offices and in just three days, said Cetkovic, adding that the document on establishing a business is free and available on the agency website, while its notarization costs only 3.5 KM.

The one-stop registration has simplified the process of opening a business and drastically reduced costs. For example the registration of Ltd. company costs between a 150 and 200 KM, instead of the previous 1,530 KM, while the initial capital has been reduced from 2,000 KM to one KM.



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