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Inclusion of Persons With Down Syndrome in Beekeeping and Fruit Growing Workshops


Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska Boris Pašalić today agreed in Banja Luka with the director of Down Syndrome Center of Banja Luka Zoran Jelić and the residents of the institution to implement measures that will enable them to be included in workshops and therapies in the field of beekeeping and fruit growing.

The meeting was held to agree on details of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management’s project and Down Syndrome Center “Bees and We”, within which representatives of the Ministry will hold 10 workshops to learn more about the branches of fruit and beekeeping, said the Ministry of Agriculture, forestry and water management in Srpska.

The ministers also agreed to visit a workshop in Banja Vrućica near Teslić in March, during which residents of the Down Syndrome Center would make medicinal preparations based on herbs and bee products.

Within the project, a visit to the Agricultural School of Banjaluka is planned, where the residents will get acquainted with the greenhouse production and production of juices, and they will be able to work in a nursery located within this school.

The protégés will also be involved in the therapies of the Inhal Center in Prijedor, where they will independently perform thermotherapy services.

The meeting was attended by Assistant Minister in the Department for the Provision of Expert Services in Agriculture Miroslav Bojić, Advisor to the Minister Goran Bursać and Expert Assistant Duška Radaković, who will lead the workshops.




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