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Increase the Coverage of Children for the Pre-School Preparation Program


The Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska has allocated more budget funds this year for the pre-school program for preparing children, with the aim of reaching as many children as possible, said today the representative of the line ministry, Snježana Stojičić.

Stojičić said in Laktaši today before the meeting of the Assets of the Preschool Directors in Republic of Srpska that the preparation program for children, which runs from March to the end of May, will be implemented with the assistance of the Government of Srpska, and that this year’s coverage is expected to be greater than 47 percent, what it was last year.

According to her, the topic of the meeting is amendments to the Law on Preschool Education.

– We want to invite all kindergarten directors, who have so far submitted their comments on the current text of this law, to actively participate in order to reach the best possible text of the law – said Stojičić.

She stated that these changes also make it possible to make the entire pre-school education program, which runs from the age of six months to schooling, be free of charge for children without parental care and for those with disabilities.

The President of the Assets of the Preschool Directors in the Republic of Srpska, Vukomir Stanković, said that the goal is to adapt the legal solutions to the needs of modern times.

– We need to change certain things, to incorporate in it what is acceptable for educators, but also the management of preschool institutions, with the aim of better kindergarten work and creating better conditions in them – said Stanković, who is also the director of the kindergarten “Our Joy” from Zvornik.

He stressed that the meeting was an opportunity and to exchange experiences on the program of preparation of children before leaving school, in order to realize the program as best as possible.

– We think that the three months, which are foreseen for the program to last, are quite a bit of time, and I invite the local self-governments to become involved in these activities, as the municipality of Zvornik did, and this program is already starting in Zvornik in October – added he is.

Director of the Center for Preschool Education Laktaši Natasa Trninić emphasized the importance of supporting the local community in the activities of the Center.

– One of the biggest projects we have realized thanks to cooperation with the local community is the opening of a kindergarten in Aleksandrovac and by the end of the year.




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