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Infusion: A Family Rock Band From Bratunac


The rock band “Infusion” is an unusual occurrence on the domestic rock scene, not only because of the quality music but also due to the fact that it consists of three members of the Bratunac Ostojić family.

The rock band, founded in 2016 by Rajko Ostojić from Bratunac with his two sons, 12-year-old son Đorđe (drums) and Mirko (guitar), who is 16, is a unique blend of family rock and roll.

Rajko has been involved in music since 1997, and when he passed his experience on to his sons, the family trio Ostojić was created, who, according to Rajko, plans to dust loud rock and roll while they have strength in their hands and feet.

I am infected with rock and roll, although Bratunac is a small environment, this kind of music used to be so firmly established here that it was a shame to listen to music other than rock and roll. Sometime after the war, I founded several rock bands in Bratunac, but in the meantime I got married, got children and the music, despite the huge love, somehow put into the background, turned out to be temporary – says Ostojić, adding that growing up of children with rock music eventually inevitably led to a rock band.

– I would call that Mirko and Đorđe in the rock band the inevitable way. They grew up with rock and roll from the cradle and as soon as they grew a little started to show interest in music and instruments. We started playing the kind for my soul, purely out of a love for music, and because as a parent I wanted to support their interest in music. Our friend Slavisa Paunović suggested that we record some of the songs we made with the help of his cousin from Montenegro, and he was the initiator of the name of our band and suggested the name “Infusion” – says the oldest Ostojić.

Rajko says that the band is based on the influences of classic rock and roll, but that heirs gradually add to their personal preferences.

– We started from basic rock and hard rock influences like “Led Zeppelin” “Free”, “Yu group”, “Fish stew”, “Smak”, “Atomic shelter” and similar bands, to gradually add Mirko and Đorđe, and add some of his favorites, including some bands that Dad has never heard of (laughter), but it’s all rock and roll – says Rajko, adding that it’s not easy to balance the function of parents and bassist in a rock band.

– We try to make the band work on a democratic principle by agreement, but sometimes I have to be a parent because I must not neglect their education because of the rock and roll. In the first place there is schoolwork, and only after that comes the time for practice and songwriting. We play basically every other day for two hours, plus of course concerts. For now, it works, though it’s not easy to reconcile it all. Of course, I am proud of the fact that apart from being good musicians and good students, they are also very valuable and educated children. Of course, there is also Mom, who has been our biggest support since the beginning, and who calms us down when our rocker passion carries us – says Ostojic.

The oldest of the rock and roll trio Ostojić says that as a band they have taken the position from the beginning that they will work on their own songs along with the covers because they want to leave the author’s trace in music.

– At the very beginning, we took the position that we would not be just a cover band, because before or after it ended up in burning, we decided to do our own material along with other songs, in order to leave a serious author’s trace. We have some 20 songs, one recorded EP “Life is a Gift” and a live album “Shadows on the Wall”. Of course, it was recorded in a kind of home studio with the help of friends and not on a professional level, which we would like to have, but we believe that it will come one day – Rajko says, adding that one thing is certain when it comes to “Infusion”

– One thing is for sure, the Ostojić family will not stop dusting rock ‘n’ roll as long as we have the strength in our hands and feet. Whether it will be an “Infusion”, will I stay with them, or will they continue on their own, it doesn’t matter, it is important that rock and roll music be a part of the Ostojić family – this rock and roll dad says.

“Demofest” is a special performance

As one of the turning points for the band’s work, Rajko cites his performance at Demofest 2016.

– We did a lot of concerts, but I have to single out the performance at the rock festival in Bratunac in front of the local audience and as a particularly important, our performance at “Demofest”. We played a lot of club concerts, but performing on one top stage, with professional sound and lighting, showed first and foremost Mirko and Đorđe, what career of real rock bands looks like and how much effort and renunciation it requires – says Ostojić.




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