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Innovation centre’s premises opened in Banjaluka


Srpska Science and Technology Minister Srdjan Rajcevic and Banjaluka Mayor Igor Radojicic opened yesterday new premises of the Banjaluka Innovation Centre where five companies, mostly based on information technologies, could be located.

Rajcevic stated that Srpska is strongly committed to knowledge-based economic development.

“The Government of Srpska, through the Economic Reform Programme, opted for the development of micro-entrepreneurship, especially in the field of new technologies, research and innovation,” Rajcevic told reporters.

Rajcevic said that the Banjaluka Innovation Centre is an example of how synergies between the local community and the Republika Srpska Government can produce results.

“The Innovation Centre Banjaluka is a contact point where all the things that we are talking about at the level of Republika Srpska and the city of Banjaluka, are to be realized,” said Rajcevic.

He said that the line ministry is planning to give the Banjaluka Innovation Centre even greater role in the future processes of creating and establishing science-technology parks in Republika Srpska, but also to entrust it with certain tasks.

“During this year, we are planning to launch a pilot programme for retraining highly educated unemployed people in Srpska, in which the Banjaluka Innovation Centre will play an important role modeled on some solutions in the region,” said Rajcevic.

Rajcevic said that the plan was to create a group of 100 participants in suffice professions who need to retrain through a five-month training in terms of the use of information technologies in order to be able to get employed in Srpska.

Banjaluka Mayor Igor Radojicic said that the city conceptually supports the development of modern technologies and startup, because it is an incentive for employment, quality city development and “smart” cities.

He said that the startups are a way for young people to stay and work in Banjaluka, adding that the city has provided four premises for the development of startups to this day.

Head of the Innovation Centre Banjaluka Drago Gveric told reporters that this is the third location of the Innovation Centre Banjaluka, of the surface of 130 square meters, where five companies, mostly based on information technologies, could be located.

“Entrepreneurship and startup are a community that lives in Banjaluka,” said Gveric.


Source: srna


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