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Innovations from Srpska exhibited in Belgrade

Privredna komora Srbija

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce was home to an exhibition of innovations that received the highest results at this year’s “Competition for the best technological innovation in Serbia and Republika Srpska”.

27 innovations from Serbia and 6 from Republika Srpska were exhibited in Belgrade. Teams that worked on the innovations presented their research in front of a six member jury, after whose verdict 12 participants from Serbia and four from Srpska received placement in the final event to be held in December.

Innovations in the field of IT, energy, engineering and agriculture were most dominant at the exhibition.

Vladimir Krnjajic from Banja Luka was among the innovators from Srpska. He is a member of the web portal “Kompenzacija”, which offered an innovative solution to release entrepreneurs from the grips of accumulated compensations. Gordana Lihovic was another participant from Banja Luka, she is a member of the OSKA team that exhibited an innovative system for drying walls with conductive mortar.

The Project leader and a Professor of Technology and Metallurgy at the University of Belgrade, Dragan Povrenovic, said that the aim of this competition is to bring together people who are ready to exhibit their products, put them on the market, earn an income and in time open their own company.


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