Home Social Instead of congratulating Djokovic, Nadal “accused” Novak of being “frustrated” (VIDEO)

Instead of congratulating Djokovic, Nadal “accused” Novak of being “frustrated” (VIDEO)


A week ago, Novak Djokovic won his 24th Grand Slam title at the US Open, so since then, any reaction from his biggest rival, Rafael Nadal, has been awaited.

There was no reaction until this evening, when Nadal talked about the famous GOAT race and the number of the biggest titles won, where Djokovic is unmatched, during an interview with the Spanish “Movistar”.

Nadal did not want to congratulate Novak on his huge achievement, but instead called him out for trying his hardest to reach the record.

The Spaniard even pointed out that it would be a huge frustration for Djokovic if that did not happen.

“I think Djokovic lives the Grand Slam race in a more intense way (than me; than the rest of us). It would have been a greater frustration for him if he didn’t achieve that record,” said Nadal.

Let’s remind you, Djokovic has 24, Nadal 22, and Roger Federer 20 grand slams in his career.

Margaret Court, who reached her 24th trophy in times long gone by, suddenly appeared in the comparisons, as the record holder in women’s competition, but there is no doubt that the Serbian ace will break that record as well.

Without any frustration.


Source: b92.net


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