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Into the Second Semester With a Sensory Room for Students With Disabilities


Teaching began in the second semester in primary and secondary schools in Srpska. Many have used the winter break to eliminate infrastructure deficiencies and modernize teaching.

Sveti Sava Primary School in Istočno Sarajevo welcomed the little ones with warm classrooms – students are looking forward to the challenges of the second semester.

The largest school in the Sarajevo-Romanija region has a sensory room that serves to improve the psychomotor skills of students with disabilities. The amendments to the law on primary education have designed the creation of resource centers that will assist the work, not only of teachers but of students in the area of ​​Srpska.

– In this regard, we asked the Minister of the Interior to open one such center in Istočno Sarajevo, ie at our school, in order to formally enter into the program of resource centers and make our room available to absolutely everyone. As for the staff, we know that there are sensory therapists in our region that we are willing to hire and hire if our ministry approves it – said Danijel Mrda, President of the Assets of Primary School Directors of Sarajevo-Romanija, Old Herzegovina and Lower Podrinje region.

Thanks to the free skiing agreement signed by the Jahorina Olympic Center and the City of Istočno Sarajevo, children from all six municipalities from the City of Sarajevo skied free on Jahorina during the winter break.

In gratitude, St. Sava Elementary School will award the school plaque to Olympic Center Director Dejan Ljevnaić for his unselfish contribution to the development and affirmation of students.




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