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Invest in modernization of existing Jahorina infrastructure, by the end of the year a new tourist attraction


A representative of the Jahorina Olympic Centre /OC/ Igor Gordić called on foreign investors to invest in the modernization of the Jahorina infrastructure, especially in the construction of vertical transport and ski trails.

At the session “Invest in BiH – Invest in Profitable Projects”, which takes place in the scope of the annual meeting of the EBRD Board of Governors in Sarajevo, Gordić emphasized that BiH has resources, huge natural potential and skilled labour force, which is why it has a competitive advantage in relation to other countries.

“This country needs your investments to capitalize its potential and resources. BiH has a potential growth of 10 percent in this sector, which will continue according to the estimates. There has been a stable influx of tourists since 2010 and this number increases from five to 10 percent each year,” Gordić noted.

He explained to the session participants how the Jahorina Olympic Centre used its potential and marked last year as the company’s most successful year.
“The Olympic Centre is experienced as BiH hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1984. Our workforce is already used to host Jahorina visitors and we do not have a labour-related issues,” Gordić said.

He assessed that the modernization and improvement of the existing infrastructure is the biggest problem.

“Our company invested in technology and the latest skiing system two years ago to enable 120 ski days to the tourists,” Gordić noted.

Gordić said there were 144 ski days last year on Mount Jahorina, and that the revenue of BAM7.8 billion was realized since November 29, 2018 when the ski season was open, which is an increase of 170 percent compared to the previous period.

“We signed an agreement with Slovenia and Montenegro and this is the part that implies integration with the countries in the region in order to achieve the best possible offer,” Gordić added.

He pointed to the need for investing in BiH, which has become a major tourist destination as it has potential other countries do not have.

“It is important for investors to have the best return on investments with the least risk. There is no investment risk in BiH, which increasing number of tourists also indicates,” Gordić said.


Director of the Olympic Center Dejan Ljevnaic and Leitner CEO Martin Leitner signed a contract for the construction of a gondola worth 16,000,000 BAM, which confirms the fact that Jahorina Mountain has once again improved its touristic offer.

Public procurement for gondola purchase was carried out in the previous period and this is another big project for the Jahorina Olympic Center, the local community as well as the entire Republika Srpska.

By constructing a future gondola, which will be about 1 kilometer long, there will be a parking near Vucijevo bridge and connecting road 1 (Ogorjelica – Poljice), which will lead to greater utilization of mountain tourism potential.

The gondola will have a speed of five to six meters per second every hour, making the trip lasting 3 minutes with unforgettable pleasure in sightseeing of the natural beauty of Jahorina Mountain.

It is planned that the cable car will be equipped with modern cabins that can accommodate up to 10 people, which will ultimately give the ability to transport over 2,700.00 skiers, riders and other mountain lovers every hour, Akta.ba news portal reports.


Source: srna/sarajevotimes


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