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Investors from all over the World are ready to invest in Mountain near Sarajevo


Investors from all over the world were introduced last week to the construction project of the Jahorina Sports Center, and announced that they are ready to invest in this project.

Namely, a presentation on the future of Jahorina was held at the Invest Forum in Banja Luka. Director of Olympic CenterJahorina Dejan Ljevnaic presented to investors from 20 countries an innovative project in cooperation with the Municipality of Pale.

This ambitious project aims to transform Jahorina into a real center of all activities.

All key elements are included, including a high-rise building of 11,800 square meters in which a sports hall, a large parking lot, a pharmacy, a health center, a gym, an ambulance, a post office and modern business premises are planned.

In addition, the construction of a square is planned, which will become the epicenter of social life in this beautiful mountain area.

This cooperation between investors from all over the world and the local community promises the prosperity of Jahorina and its surrounding areas.

They expect the project to become a model for the development of tourism and infrastructure in the region, Biznis info reports.


Photo: tripadvisor.com

Source: sarajevotimes.com


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