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Investors shy away from unstable regions like B&H


The Japanese Ambassador to B&H, Hideo Yamazaki, warns that Japanese investors aren’t interested in B&H because it is politically unstable.

The Japanese Government wants political stability in order to begin investing in private companies in B&H, said Yamazaki.

Japan, this year alone, plans to invest about 8 million KM in various projects; however all donations made so far were intended to benefit the ordinary people, not politicians. Yamazaki added that Japan seriously doubts the work of politicians.

Japan’s policy is to be present throughout B&H, he explained. Japan has no intention on focusing on one particular ethnic group, unlike Russia and Turkey.

Yamazaki stressed that his Embassy is expending great efforts to see trade between Japan and B&H increase.

However, the Japanese Government cannot order Japanese companies to begin investing here. That depends on their assessment of the present political situation, notes the Ambassador.

He added that the politicians should ask themselves why respectable Japanese companies are going to surrounding countries and avoiding B&H.

Croatia participated in war, but managed to change its image and draw investors, said Yamazaki.

The Ambassador says that Japan supports B&H’s accession to the EU and NATO and that problems can be solved by political compromise.


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