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Investors will reconsider their decision to come to B&H


News on the arson of buildings in B&H was placed alongside that of the tribal conflicts in the Central African Republic and the civil war in Syria and B&H could quickly feel the concrete financial consequences of the events which took place.

No serious investor will invest their money in a country where in a few hours a dozen of government institutions were burnt. The chairman of the Council of Ministers Vjekoslav Bevanda openly warned of this in his interview with Večernje Novine. He stated that investors seek security and transparency and that foreigners will respond to the current situation with caution.

The violence in B&H cities will reflect badly on the image of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a desirable tourist destination. Namely, economic analyst Igor Gavran said that violence will have a bad effect on B&H, especially since it wasn’t too attractive to investors prior to the protests. He added that one should keep in mind that investors are also deterred by the poor business environment.

In the next period we will witness how events will pan out in B&H, but one thing is certain, those who decided to invest in B&H even in such unfavorable business conditions will certainly reconsider their decision after these events, said Gavran.


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