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Inzko: Entities have no right to secede


Following the Scottish referendum and the Presidents, Dodik’s, hints to the possible succession of Republika Srpska, High Representative Valentin Inzko reiterated that Bosnia and Herzegovina is an internationally recognized state whose sovereignty and territorial integrity is guaranteed under international law and by the Dayton Peace Agreement.

“Entities have no right to secede from Bosnia and Herzegovina under the Dayton Peace Agreement. The constitutional structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the existence of the entities, can only be changed in accordance with the amendment procedure prescribed in the Constitution of BiH”, the High Representative said.

The High Representative stressed that politicians in BiH must end the practice of threatening unilateral changes to the constitutional structure of the country and comply fully with the Dayton Peace Agreement.

The International Community retains the necessary instruments to counter destructive tendencies and it will not allow attempts to undermine the Dayton Peace Agreement.


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