Home Economy IRB: Total loans for next year 208.9 million KM

IRB: Total loans for next year 208.9 million KM


The Investment – Development Bank (IRB) of the Republika Srpska, next year plans to invest a total of 208.9 million KM in loans, of which more than 80 % is aimed for financing arrangements with international financial institutions, said the director of this bank Snjezana Vujnić.

She pointed out that next year one of the top priorities will be to provide comprehensive and continuous financial support to the local economy, as well as the continuous monitoring of the demand on the credit market.

IRB has only 0.17 % of  non-performing loans, which is far lower than the percentage of the Srpska banking sector.

Vujnic emphasized that one of the prioritized aims of IRB is to stimulate the balanced regional development of Srpska.


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