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ITA published a list of customs debtors for the period 1996-2004


Indirect taxation Authority /ITA/ B&H has published the list of natural and legal persons that have outstanding debt from 1996 to 2004 for the customs administrations of Republika Srpska and the Federation of B&H, totaling 142.2 million KM.

However, as stated in the ITA statement, the statute of limitations has expired for a significant amount. “These are debts defined by solutions in administrative proceedings, as well as solutions in misdemeanor proceedings for which short deadlines for collection are prescribed, therefore they expired before the formation of the Indirect Taxation Authority. Certain debts were determined for legal entities which long before the formation of the ITA ceased to exist, or they were deregistered at the competent courts, it was not possible to collect part of the debt relating to individuals because a number of debtors died or was unavailable in the meantime,” announced the ITA.

The amount of 142.2 million KM refers to 5.301 borrowers, of which 139 million KM refers to 1.788 legal entities and 3.2 million KM to 3.513 of natural persons. An amount of 1.7 million KM has not been charged, of which 1.5 million KM from legal entities and 0.2 million KM from individuals. The amount of 62.4 million KM has been declared the statute of limitations, of which 60.7 million KM for legal entities and 1.6 million KM for individuals. The amount of 25.3 million KM has been canceled, of which 25.2 million KM for legal entities and 0.1 million KM for individuals. For the amount of 2.2 million KM the process has been suspended, the entire amount for legal entities. Retrial was initiated for the amount of debt of 19.1 million KM. Part of it has been declared insolvent and uncollectable, said the Indirect Taxation Authority.

They state that the total amount of debt for the period 1996-2004 at the level of ITA B&H, as of 31 January 2014 amounts to 31.877.719,33 KM, for which collection is more than uncertain because the debtors do not exist, do not do business or have no assets.

Let us remind, with the entry into force of the statutory legislation which has committed ITA to publish the names of the debtors, and for the sake of full transparency, they also published on the website the names of legal entities and natural persons that still owe customs duties.

Link to the list of debtors:


Source: ekapija.ba


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