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Italian humanitarian Stefano Pavesi: “The childhood of the Serbian children from Kosovo was stolen”


The committeeman of Italian League in Milan and humanitarian Stefano Pavesi posted a photo of Serb children in Kosovo and Metohija, saying that their childhood was stolen.

After the performance by Greta Thunberg, Swedish climate activist, who has said, during a speech at the UN building, that the world leaders have “stolen her childhood”, Pavesi posted, on his Facebook profile, the photo of children from elementary school in a Serb enclave in Kosovo, who live, as he explained, in a rundown houses surrounded by the hate of those who would like to chase them from their land.

” Dear Greta, good for you because when you cry, you are listened to by powerful people in the world, blessed to receive you to the UN. Good for you because you can travel by boat and cross the sea. Good for you when you can cry and say, ‘you stole my childhood,’ but those are empty words. Blessed are those who want to believe ‘in something’ and sympathize with you activists”, Pavesi stated.

The Italian humanitarian has emphasized that children in the Serbian enclave were smiling while holding in their hands present of half a dollar worth copybooks, ATV reported.

“Because, dear Greta, as you turn the world upside down, your age group in Kosovo cannot leave the enclaves and have no time to speak to the UN about the climate, because they main care is what to eat before they go to sleep, because the most powerful members of the UN in 1999 bombed their homes and killed their parents”, said Pavesi to Greta.

The committeeman of the of Italian League Stefano Pavesi has been visiting, for years, the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija as part of humanitarian activities to help vulnerable Serbs in enclaves.


Source: srna


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