Home Economy Italians interested in cooperating with Srpska

Italians interested in cooperating with Srpska


The industrial community in Milan is interested in economic cooperation with Srpska, particularly in agriculture and forestry, said the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, who is currently on a two day visit in Italy.

He said that certain memorandums maybe signed soon related to the construction of a center for the packing of agricultural projects and their distribution to the EU market, primarily Italy.

Noting that the most important thing for agriculture is for it to have a market, Dodik said there are significant and great distributors in Italy and the EU who are ready to take over agricultural products under the condition that they are adequately packed and prepared for the needs of the European market.

He said he will meet with representatives of the University of Technical Science who are working on innovations that could be applied to production.


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