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Italy-Bosnia: we must answer to citizens says Della Vedova


Italy supports Bosnian citizens’ demands for jobs and a future within the European Union, Foreign Undersecretary Benedetto Della Vedova said Monday in the Bosnian capital.

”Europe has heard the call of Bosnian citizens, who want more employment, more equality, and less corruption”, Della Vedova said after meeting with Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Chairman Bakir Izetbegovic and representatives of the other two members of the tripartite leadership.

”It is now up to Bosnian leaders to respond to these demands. As well, 85% of Bosnians want a European future, and Italy is fully committed to supporting the new EU agenda of economic and social reforms”, Della Vedova added.

Aided by Italian Ambassador Ruggero Corrias, Della Vedova in his meeting with the Bosnian presidency discussed bilateral relations, Bosnia’s economic and social difficulties, and the opportunities inherent in its European integration in light of a new EU strategy for Bosnia approved by the council of foreign ministers on April 14. ”Italy intends to accompany Bosnia on this new path. In view of our imminent duty EU presidency, we are carefully monitoring the evolution of the situation leading up to the October elections”, Della Vedova concluded.

Source: ansamed.info


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