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It’s time for The Srpska Times


Since 2013, “The Srpska Times” has been the only media from Republika Srpska in English, and 10 years is not a little. A small, but still a big anniversary for us.

We redesigned the portal “The Srpska Times” this year and made it much more substantial.

The print edition of “The Srpska Times” magazine is now in front of you.

The magazine is printed in the Serbian language.

Republika Srpska lacks periodical print media, but the Internet and social networks have done their part.

The habit of reading the print media is also being lost in all generations.

That’s why “The Srpska Times” gathered authors with knowledge in an attempt to give our people a magazine in their hands that will encourage them to read and think.

The authors are experts who have their own critical reflections, results, and suggestions. Republika Srpska has many such quality people, but there is not enough space for them in the mainstream media.

Politicians and politics are the least of the content, there are more than enough of them in other media every day.

Here, you also can’t read paid interviews with directors of public loss-making companies with made-up biographies and photos. There will be no place for such in our magazine or on the portal in the future either.

That is why we have interesting interlocutors from Republika Srpska and the region.

We don’t give ours, we don’t need someone else’s.

There is a line, but lines between people are unnecessary.

Is the EU honest with us and are we honest with ourselves?

Do we only have 14 priorities or are there a million more conditions behind them that are impossible to meet?

Is the solar boom a trend or a developmental opportunity?

What is happening in the European economy?

What megatrends and challenges await us in 2024?

Are we ready for artificial intelligence and new technologies?

We need culture, it has long been neglected and on the margins, that’s why we paid more attention to it.

Why do people from Herzegovina succeed best only when they leave Herzegovina?

Have we given up on Mostar and Sarajevo forever?

How did young basketball players become junior champions of the FIBA League and why don’t we celebrate it?

We hope that each of you will find something interesting for yourself.

The Srpska Times


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