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Ivanic: Deception Must Not Be Decision Making Method


BiH Presidency member from Republika Srpska, Mladen Ivanic, has said he will not let deception be affirmed as a decision making method in BiH, and stated that the census issue must be brought back again to the competent institutions, because everything has been done against the interests of BiH, especially Srpska.He has announced that he will particularly seek to verify whether the BiH Prosecutor’s Office put some pressure throughout the process, given that he has information that Director of the Agency for Statistics of BiH, Velimir Jukic, made a decision on a single programme for BiH census data processing after the talks had been held with representatives of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office.

Ivanic has said that he will not find the census results valid and acceptable, if the defiance and the attempt at outvoting Republika Srpska continue.

“Our joint position is that, if the issues are not brought back to the competent institutions, our representatives in the statistical institutions should not give legitimacy to such census results with their presence,” Ivanic told reporters in Banjaluka, after meeting with Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik.

The Serb member of BiH Presidency has said that the “population census is general deception, which is unacceptable,” thus he will not allow the affirmation of a deception as a decision making method in BiH, but that he is ready to “make things return to normal.”

“I will not allow the population census to be a subject of our internal squabble. I’m the least a man who could be responsible for this, because the Census Law was passed before my time, and the methodology was being implemented during the government involving the SNSD and other parties, while the decision was made by the HDZ member,” said Ivanic.

He has said that Jukic’s decision put the work methodology of BiH institutions in danger, but that the Republika Srpska representatives must remain in the BiH institutions and firmly prevent the adoption of any decisions detrimental to Republika Srpska.

“If the issue is not brought back, I am afraid that the general functioning of BiH institutions is questioned then. Or the mechanism of compromise will be reinstated or we will face a complete blockade in the sense of decision-making rather than leaving the institutions,” said Ivanic.

He believes that this is the situation in which one will definitely see if the outvoting is legitimized as a decision-making method or decisions will be made on the basis of compromise.

“Outvoting as a decision-making mechanism will not do, while I am a member of the BiH Presidency,” said Ivanic.

He has recalled that no decisions have been outvoted in the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the political agreements by the leaders who constituted the majority, therefore such a mechanism cannot and will not do, since this is not BiH’s perspective.

Ivanic has stressed that the cooperation between the SNSD and the PDP is not possible at either the Republika Srpska level or BiH.

He has said that he met with Dodik today as a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will meet with the Srpska president whenever necessary, even though there are things they agree and disagree on.

“There is no political disagreement over which I would refuse to meet with Dodik, if it is in the interest of Republika Srpska, and the population census is,” said Ivanic and urged all the parties to think twice about the political implications of such practices and to gain support for the joint position, because it is of Republika Srpska’s interest.

Commenting on the fact that the BiH Presidency member Dragan Covic gave a certain amount of money to Banjaluka Bishop Franjo Komarica to go to Bleiburg, Ivanic has said it was Covic’s right to do so, unlike the Croatian political and church officials to transfer their attitude towards Bleiburg to Banjaluka.

“Covic did not do that, for which I am grateful to him, but some other representatives did. I am afraid this is a return to the old subjects. These representatives partly created a kind of pre-war atmosphere, which BiH does not need,” said Ivanic.

Source: Srna


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