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Ivanic: Kavazovic’s Statement Shows We Must Maintain Srpska


 BiH Presidency member Mladen Ivanic condemns the statement by Islamic Community leader Husein Kavazovic that “a Vlach should not be allowed to head Srebrenica” asserting that this message shows the Serbs how paramount it is to maintain Republika Srpska and their role in the BiH institutions.
“The statement deserves absolute condemnation and shows that religious leaders are too much involved in politics in a very wrong way,” Ivanic told Srna.

Kavazovic has divided and further brought the Bosniaks away from the Serbs and insulted the latter, said Ivanic.

“This statement may even have harder consequences than those caused by Bishop Komarica,” said Ivanic.

The Presidency member does not see how Kavazovic may apologise for what he said, because he didn’t make a mistake saying those words, convinced that the wider public would not hear what he really intended to say.

“What he actually thought is a catastrophe for Bosnia and Herzegovina and that’s why such statements have to be roundly condemned,” said Ivanic, voicing hope that Kavazovic’s statement would be condemned by the public in Sarajevo too, not just by the Serb representatives.

If it is not condemned by the public in Sarajevo, it will mean that this is a dominant view of the Serbs in BiH, which would be a total catastrophe, said Ivanic.

“It only goes to show how paramount it is that we all maintain Republika Srpska and that we do not give the BiH institutions to anyone else, but maintain our role fully,” said Ivanic.

During a recent meeting in Switzerland, Islamic Community leader Husein Kavazovic called the Serbs the “Vlachs” and called on the Bosniaks to register and vote in the upcoming local elections in Srebrenica and not allow a “Vlach govern Srebrenica.”

Source: SRNA


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