Home Politics Ivanic: “Srpska will keep its right to be a strong factor!”

Ivanic: “Srpska will keep its right to be a strong factor!”


Serb BiH Presidency member, Mladen Ivanic,  after a meeting with Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic said that having a joint position of the Serb leaders in the region is extremely important in order to ensure economic stability wherever Serbs live as well as their strong political position and influence.

“Turbulent things are happening in the region, thus it is extremely important that we have an exchange of thoughts and a kind of joint position,” Ivanic told reporters in Belgrade.

He said that focus of meeting was the situation in the region, the relations between BiH and Serbia.

He also mentioned  that he will not attend the 22nd anniversary of the Croatian “Oluja” operation, in which approximately 220,000 Serbs were expelled and 2,000 Serbs from Republika Srpska Krajina went missing or were killed.

Commenting on media coverage about the German initiative to amend the Constitution and the BiH Election Law, Ivanic said that, as far as he knows, there are no such German initiatives, and believes that someone has made up some strange story about it.

“The German initiative is essentially reduced to the opposite matter, which is not to open topics without consent. Germany is interested only in economic reforms, not in major topics known to possibly cause conflicts,” Ivanic has added.

He has pointed out that it is clear that there is no consent in BiH concerning the Constitution and said that the Bosniaks would like to have BiH without the entities, Serbs would like to have independent Republika Srpska, and Croats would like to have the third entity.

“What will you achieve if you open it? Nothing. Therefore, Germany did not do it, and this is some kind of misuse that, in my opinion and according to information I have, appeared in public,” Ivanic has said.

Commenting on the fact that BiH is late in fulfilling its obligations and tasks related to joining the EU, Ivanic said that this is the result of “some unnecessary bickering between different levels of government – who is more important”.

“All levels of government stated in February that all the answers to the Questionnaire were completed. Now, it is the beginning of August, and we still do not have the answers to the Questionnaire, just because there is a mutual rivalry about who is more important,” Ivanic has said.

He added that those who care about it should sit, either at the invitation of the entity prime ministers, or at the invitation of the chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, and to discuss what their thoughts are, but there is no such activities. When it comes to BiH, the progress towards the EU will be most likely the ultimate result of mutual rivalry, which no one benefits from.

“Neither one will change the other, nor the other way around. Republika Srpska will keep its right to be a strong factor, which is fully logical. The Bosniaks, primarily the Council of Ministers, will insist that they are particularly important and I am afraid that if that continues, the end result will be delay and slow development of BiH, ” said Ivanic.



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