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Ivantsov: Balkans should not have to choose between Russia or EU


Russian Ambassador to BiH Petr Ivantsov says the Balkans should not have to choose between Russia, the EU or relations with NATO, pointing out there are opportunities for building relations with all countries in Europe and the world.

Ahead of a lecture on the topic “Russia in contemporary international relations,” which he gave at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Banjaluka on Wednesday, Ivantsov told the press that Russia’s interests in the Balkans were precise and quite pragmatic.

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Russia wants the Balkans to be a stable and prosperous area and the ties it establishes with the Balkan countries are not only in politics, but also in economy, trade and culture, he said.

“We have good relations with BiH, and Republika Srpska as a part of BiH is an important partner of ours. Our ties with Serbs are special and those are cultural, historic, and spiritual relations. Our languages are similar,” stressed Ivantsov.

Mile Aljetic of the association Glas Republike /Republic’s Voice/ says the lecture is their first activity and they find it very useful to start their operations with a representative of the Russian Federation, one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and a country that plays a major role in international relations.

Aljetic added that Moscow today takes part in seeking political and diplomatic solutions in conflicts and crises emerging around the world.

The lecture was organised by the association Glas Republike, which is made up of employees as well alumni of the University of Banjaluka.


Source: srna


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