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Izetbegovic manipulating Srebrenica Bosniaks


When Sarajevo runs out of money, SDA leadership remembers Srebrenica and starts looking for “sadaqa” /charity/ from Turkey and the Arab world for the sake of alleged care and help for returnee “shahid families” in town.

SDA leader Bakir Izetbegovic is trying to push to the foreground his lack of inspiration and creativity as well as the broken promises given to Srebrenica Bosniaks by threatening he will not accept the results of the local elections there.

That is how he keeps manipulating Srebrenica Bosniaks with fake concern for the sake of his personal interests and benefit.

Even in the coalition with the Union for Better Future /SBS/ and Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Party of Democratic Action /SDA/ failed to win in the town where it had supremely ruled after 1999 on its own for more than a decade, thanks to the votes that kept coming back in bags from various addresses.

According to the Central Election Commission /CEC/ of BiH, the coalition will have seven councillors but no majority of vote any longer. After 17 years, it will switch to the opposition in the Srebrenica parliament, which will count 21 councillors.

The Bosniak candidate for head of municipality, Camil Durakovic, despite his confidence and arrogance towards the media during the election campaign, lost the race to the Serb candidate Mladen Grujicic.

Izetbegovic has, habitually, said he will draw the line and prepare lawsuits and appeals so that his trusted staff in BiH courts obey his orders and annul the election results and thus once again show loyalty to the leader as well as ethnic loyalty, and abandon professionalism and impartiality in the work they do.

The SDA leader does not care about a peaceful, stable or prosperous Srebrenica – when his party officials’ terms expire, they never remain to live in the place they served, but move to Sarajevo instead.

Just like his father Alija, Bakir Izetbegovic is not okay with a stable and peaceful Srebrenica, or acceptable and normal life of its citizens, without tensions or ethnic intolerance.

According to many Bosniaks, including Hakija Meholjic, the leader of the local SDP, during the war
Alija /Izetbegovic/ sacrificed Srebrenica Muslims in order to provoke an international intervention and entry of NATO troops’ into the Bosnian war, i.e. bombing of the Serb positions, infrastructure and civilians.

Bakir is abusing and destabilising the area. He is drawing the media’s focus to Srebrenica in order to divert attention from the SDA’s poor election results in other places in the Federation of BiH.

He is trying to cause an intervention by international representatives with his hatred and his chauvinistic statement that “A Serb cannot be ahead of the Srebrenica Municipality.”

When Sarajevo runs out of money, the SDA leadership remembers Srebrenica and starts looking for “sadaqa” /charity/ from Turkey and the Arab world for the sake of alleged care and help for the returnee “shahid families” /shahid – Muslim martyr who died in the war/ in town.

Such help, even if secured, does not reach all Srebrenica returnees. Instead, they register with the Social Welfare Centre and use the assistance that Republika Srpska provides for vulnerable families and households – which is why many other people return from the Federation, where they have no financial support.

Many Srebrenica Bosniaks complain that Bakir has no initiative and tries to imitate his father in everything he does by fighting a dangerous battle for the returnees.

Source: Srna


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