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Jahorina is slowly returning to the Map of successful European Ski Destinations


With the constant effort and work of the Olympic Center employees, Jahorina returns to the map of successful European ski destinations.

The director of this center, Dejan Ljevnaic, said in a conversation with agency Fena, that revenues for the month of December were 15 times higher than in December 2016, and that the visitation of skiers in January was higher up to five times.

He explained that only in December 2017, there were almost 20.000 skiers and boarders on Jahorina, which is a great improvement compared to December 2016, when Jahorina had a total of 6.500 skiers.

As one of the reasons for a more successful business, Ljevnaic said that they have opened two new ski kindergartens, facilities that the ski center lacked, and that almost 4.000 beginners have been trained so far.

Besides increasing revenue, he added, every good manager needs to deal with cost reduction, so he stressed that operating savings amount to more than 15 million BAM.

His primary goal, he pointed out, is that Jahorina again gets the Olympic glow, and to offer visitors rich entertainment facilities.

“We have already begun with the realization, and for the first time since 1983, numerous works have been carried out to improve ski resort and different entertainment and competition programs, “ he pointed out.

Particular attention was devoted, as he added, to the youngest, so they built two training poligons, a tubing trail, and a children’s towns with snow game elements.

Besides that, they removed old installations that were not in operation, since they were ruining the layout and functionality of the trails and the ski center. They have made new approaches to the ski center, parking lots, signposts and signalization on the trails, as well as the entertainment program.

He is especially delighted to announce the first Winter Exit Festival, Festival 84, which will gather many world-known performers on Jahorina, from March 15th  to 18th.




Source: sarajevotimes


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