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Janj Rainforest Is One Step Away From Being Inscribed on the World Heritage List


The Janj rainforest reserve has an area of 295 hectares and is about 30 kilometers away from the center of Šipovo.

In the sixties of the last century, the then authorities singled out a rainforest core of about 58 hectares, so the exploitation of wood was prohibited in that part.

Since then, this area has been used exclusively for the study of natural processes in flora and fauna, without human influence.

Supervision has been strengthened to prevent the illegal use of natural resources, but also all other phenomena that could disturb natural flows and balance.

The rainforest is mostly made of beech and fir trees, but also maple, elm, ash, and spruce.

In October, a meeting was held on the occasion of the serial nomination of the Strict Nature Reserve of the Janj rainforest as a natural asset on the World Heritage List.

The purpose of the meeting was to include all interested parties in the nomination process, to present evidence of the accuracy of the data entered in the Nomination File, and to explain the functioning of the nature protection system in the Republic of Srpska.

This is one of the last meetings before the submission of the Nomination File, and the decision of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee is expected in June / July 2021.

If the Janj rainforest meets all UNESCO requirements, it will be inscribed as the first natural asset in the Republic of Srpska on the World Heritage List.




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