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Japanese woman in Republic of Srpska: Zmijanje embroidery can also be on a kimono


With the desire to meet the famous football player Dragan Stojkovic Piksi, young Japanese Miho Suzuki moved to Belgrade to work as an interpreter 20 years ago.

She fulfilled her wish, but another acquaintance was crucial. She met Branimir Djekic and love brought her to Derventa.

“I came here twenty years ago in order to marry and live with the citizen of the Republic of Srpska,” says Miho Djekic for SeeSrpska.

She found out through television about Zmijanje embroidery which is under the protection of UNESCO.

“In Duga association, I began to learn the first steps of embroidery, and I am immensely thankful to all the members of the association who received me beautifully and showed me this skill. Thanks to good teachers, I quickly learned it, and as I knit more, I liked it more,” Miho tells.

She chose a blue-colored embroidery full of ornaments and specific to the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina to be presented in her home country. She organized the exhibitions of Zmijanje embroidery in Japan.

“At my exhibitions in Japan, Zmijanje embroidery liked the audience and they all expressed their desire to get some object with a motive. I think that the motives of the Zmijanje embroidery can be fashion details around the world, because it captures its beauty, simplicity, style and patterns and can be adapted to many objects, maybe on a kimono,” Miho tells his experiences with exhibitions in the Earth of the emerging Sun.

Miho is surprised how much the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are interested in and how familiar they are about geography, culture, history and sport in Japan.

“Four years I spent teaching a Japanese language course at the Banja Luka Gymnasium and the interest and knowledge of students was more than expected,” the Japanese woman who found her fortune in Republika Srpska revealed this to us.

He thinks it is important to get to know and present details from as many different cultures as possible, not looking at differences, but looking for similarities and what we can learn from each other.

This embroidery is a specific technique practiced by women in Zmijanje, a plateau next to Banja Luka.

For centuries, the embroidery has been used to decorate households and women’s clothing, including wedding dresses, scarves, dresses and linens. Zmijanje embroidery is included on the representative UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage and thus became a worldly good.


Source: seesrpska.com


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